ABLE Youth Loses One of It’s Own Unexpectedly

Geoff Lovell, a long time participant of ABLE Youth, passed away this past Wednesday, February 19. He was 27 years young. Cause of death is unknown at this time, but hopefully more will be revealed. I have known Geoff many years, and my wife Heidi was one of, if not his first therapist after his birth. We have a picture of Geoff at a very young age standing up in his argo braces with that huge grin, a grin I will never forget; a grin that said “I just did something I wasn’t supposed to, and it was FUN!”

Geoff played on the Music City Thunder prep and varsity basketball teams, he flew airplanes with us in Smyrna, he went snow skiing in Denver, deep sea fishing in Destin, participated in Independence Camp for many years, almost ran me over learning how to drive a car with hand controls, participated in all fundraising events, the list goes on and on. He chatted it up with many Titans and Predators, and you cannot forget the cheerleaders!

Geoff was one of a kind, for sure. He did things on HIS timetable, and in HIS way. And do NOT tell him different. I learned this the hard way and must admit he is one of the very few ABLE Youth kids that I could wring his neck one minute and love him the next. Geoff was loved beyond measure, not only by us in the program, but more importantly by his supportive and dedicated parents. I will never forget the many talks Anne and Denis and I had concerning Geoff, his diagnosis, future, etc. I may not know much, but the one thing I do know is that Geoff’s parents loved him completely and unconditionally.

We love you and will miss you Geoff,


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