Varsity Returns from Nationals Ranked 12th in the NATION…

Not bad for such a young and inexperienced team. The team played their hearts out and that is all I asked of them before they left.
Here are a few words from Coach Byron:

Our Varsity Team has returned home from Louisville with plenty of new memories
and new experiences. The National tournament was new for some of our players
but exciting for all of them. Our Thunder team went into the tournament number 14th
and came home number 12th.  They fought very hard against four very tough teams.
They won one game and lost the other three by a combined total of 14 points.
Madison and Jessica were selected for the girls All Tournament team.
A J played his last games for Thunder and will now start his collegiate career for
Wisc. Whitewater.  Billy was approached by several colleges that are interested
in his basketball skills when he graduates.
The NWBA has announced that the tournament will again be played in Louisville
next year and that is great news for us since we are so close.
I want to thank all the coaches, parents, and players for another long, hard fought season. The commitment made on your part has to be strong, and I appreciate all those who made that commitment over this past year. I pray we will continue forward as a team, as friends, as family.
Rick Slaughter-Executive Director/ABLE Youth

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