ABLE Youth exists only through financial support from the community. The ongoing medical expenses of the families in our program add up, we strive to make ABLE Youth activities as low cost as possible. We would love to have the support of you and your organization in helping us to create more opportunities for our kids and their families.

Where Does Your Money Go:

  • Sports chairs – These chairs cost roughly $3000 each, and our kids can’t be involved in organized sports without them. These chairs are not covered by insurance. Most people take for granted that their legs can do many different things, but not our kids, whose mobility isn’t given freely!
  • Independence Camps and Tutorials – We rent locations and pay staff to help our kids in learning sessions focused on teaching independent living skills such as dressing, self-care management, chair mobility and maintenance, cooking, laundry, finances, etc.
  • Driving Instructor – It takes a person certified in adaptive driving to teach our kids how to use their given skills to become successful drivers.
  • Travel – Our sports teams travel to games and meets so that they can compete against kids just like them. Most able-bodied kids get organized sports activities in their local communities, but there are simply not enough kids with disabilities in each community for them to have the opportunity to be part of a team without travelling.
  • Hosting Sporting Events – Nashville is a great place for sports and adaptive sports is no exception. We love opportunities to host various out of town teams.

We welcome you to come to our events to see just what a big difference your generosity makes in the lives of our kids!

Annual ABLE Youth Golf Tournament

Spend a day with your golf buddies while helping the kids of ABLE Youth at the same time! Our annual golf tournament is our largest fundraiser of the year, and we would love for you to be part of it as a player, a donor, or a hole sponsor. We’ll add our sponsor form next year so you can elect how you want to be involved. Click here to see pictures from previous tournaments.