BIG NEWS! In honor of #GivingTuesday ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in partnership with Facebook, will be matching donations made directly via Facebook. On November 28th, 7am CST, donations made on our Facebook page's donation link at the top right of our page will be matched up to $50K per nonprofit, and all fees will be waived! We need YOUR help because only $1,000 can be raised per page. Next Tuesday, choose "Support Nonprofit" in the list of choices on your Status Update (What's on your mind...), and type in ABLE Youth. Write a sentence about why ABLE Youth is important to you, and click Post. From there, just share it a few times during the day. You can also create a fundraiser by clicking Fundraiser on the toolbar, where you can set your own goal, and share it to your page. Join us in helping our kids learn to be happy, healthy, and independent from their wheelchairs by partnering with us on #GivingTuesday!
It might be high up there in the Nashville Predators broadcasting booth, but it’s safe to say that Heath is loving the view! NECAT Network rocks!
Heath just might be in tv production for the Nashville Predators one day! It’s just one more example of how ABLE our kids are and how bright their futures are. Thanks NECAT Network for creating the opportunity!
Thank you to the Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation #SharingChange program for investing in the lives of our kids as we teach them to be happy, healthy, and independent from their wheelchairs. Your change means a big change in the lives of our kids!
Adaptive climbing is tonight from 5-7! Come join us!