Jay had a much better day today on the track at Junior Nationals. In fact, he got a Personal Record in the 400 m! After a long week of competition, the boys were ready to kick back this afternoon before tonight’s banquet.
At Junior Nationals, it was a rough morning for Jay on the track. He had one race, and his hand slipped from his chair, causing him to veer out of his lane. But you know the great thing about sports? They teach you that some days just aren't your day, and you learn to put those days behind you and pick yourself back up to emerge stronger. Jay has two more track races tomorrow. Let's show him that we're all behind him! GO, JAY, GO!!! (Another awesome thing about sports is getting to bond with your teammates. We love these pictures of Team ABLE Youth!)
It was a great day for Jay and Zion at Junior Nationals with Field events! Jay earned a Personal Record in Discus, and Zion earned a National and Personal Record in Discus. They both had strong throws in Shot Put and Javelin, too. We are proud of both of them!
Breaking news from Junior Nationals! Zion set a National Record (and Personal Record) in Discus in his age and classification! Congratulations, Zion!!! Jay's Field competition is this afternoon.
It might be blazing hot outside, but Halloween will be here before you know it! We're so glad to see Target selling these!