The ABLE Way

ABLE Youth, located in Nashville, Tennessee, creates children who use wheelchairs who are not defined by their disabilities. ABLE Youth leads children ages 3-12 and young adults 13-22, to become independent, graduate from high school and continue their education in college or enter the workforce. At ABLE Youth, sports is a motivating catalyst for kids to reach goals of independence. Our kids are examples that with believing in themselves, becoming accountable to themselves, and working hard, they not only can but will succeed in life.


We all have obstacles in our lives. The choice is ours to make – either roll over, feel sorry for ourselves and give up, or adapt to our situation and make the most of our lives. We choose to make the most of each second, minute, hour and day count.


We all experience moments of self-doubt, but we should not be controlled by them. We must believe in ourselves and have faith we can accomplish anything we want in life.


God, yourself, and others. Life seems much smoother when we wake up each morning and ask God for direction and guidance, and thank Him each night for another day. We must share our time, good fortune and blessings. Giving away what has been given to us highlighting God’s love.


Each day should be enjoyed to its fullest. Many people are in such a hurry these days, and they miss all the blessings and beauty of their life. Relax, take a deep breath and remember there are no “big deals.” God is in charge, and He wants us to be happy.