New School Year

New School Year

It’s a new school year, which means new beginnings at ABLE Youth, too. Our Music City Thunder wheelchair basketball season is starting with beginning of the season practices and soon on to tournaments. We just had our annual Water Day at Super Sports Saturday, ironically cut a little short due to rain, where we go out to the incredible splash pad at the Williamson County Recreation Center to celebrate the end of summer and usher in the new season. And it won’t be long before we start a new training season for athletic meets. The 2023 Move United Junior Nationals is in Birmingham, AL, the closest it may ever get to Nashville, and we want lots of kids to have the chance to qualify.


Many kids are also in a new season in their independence. Some of our kids just went on an ABLE Youth Life Trip, our series of trips we take every few years that focuses on development of independence away from home while experiencing a new adaptive sports or recreation opportunity not available in Nashville, which this year was to Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, known as the world’s most wheelchair accessible water park. During the trip, kids completed an Independence Scavenger Hunt where they practiced navigating air travel, doing their personal independence skills in a hotel room rather than in their typical home surroundings, and being responsible for their belongings in public, things that some of the kids were doing for the very first time. Other kids took this summer to practice new independence skills at home that will set them up for success this school year and beyond.


We also have a new beginning right here! Thank you to Darkstar Digital for sprucing up our website! We hope you like all of the new pictures and design. Be on the lookout for more articles right here to update you on what’s going on at ABLE Youth.

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